Who we are

What brings people together more than food? At Cultivate Together we see the the cultivation of food not just a way to provide health and nutrition but a simple way to bring people together. Through the ordinary processes of a neighborhood farm or community garden we hope to develop communities with an appreciation for local food culture, improved food literacy, and increased food security in the face of climate change.

Our Team

Jeremy Samson and JD Cerince are two landscape designers based out of Orange County California. Their private enterprises  focus on regenerative land management practices and facilitate the relationship between family, home, and nature. While they have made significant impact around Orange County working with individual families they now want to utilize the power of urban Farms to create healthier communities with Cultivate Together.

What is an Neighborhood Farm?

A Neighborhood farm is a form of small scale agriculture located in residential areas that allow direct access to fresh food, education, and community. A neighborhood farm is facilitated by agricultural specialists but driven by community interest and input. In this model patrons participate, learn and directly influence local farmers while getting the freshest produce possible. This helps rebuild a bridge between producer and consumer and brings real culture back into the suburban landscapes.

What is an Healing Garden?

A Healing Garden is a tranquil space that encourages a community to interact with nature and with one another. These spaces are deigned to be sustainable and to embody the values of the community or organization that supports it. Healing Gardens are generally passive spaces for gathering, relaxing and offering learning opportunities.

Our goals

Resource conservation          Educating

Community building          Improving food security

Community conservation          Creating space and sense of place

Community resilience          Promoting biodiversity

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