Martin Family Farm

Kimberlee and Cloyce Martin have raised their kids around food since they were very little. Encouraging them to experiment, make mistakes, and to become self sufficient they gave them free reign in the kitchen. To compliment this Kimberlee and Cloyce both have a background in growing food but also have to juggle all of life’s excitement.

In early 2016 the Martin family sat down with JD to discuss getting help in their large back yard in Villa Park to grow more food. During these early conversations it was clear that they were all interested in the idea of involving neighbors and being able to share great home grown food. After some initial brainstorming JD called Jeremy knowing that it was going to take much more knowledge and manpower to bring this project together. On the 29th of February, after a quick yet exuberant meeting their first Community it Farm began.

Since then JD, Jeremy, and he Martin family successfully sheet mulched 5000 square feet of the Martin’s back yard with to nearly 300 lb cardboard, 30 yards of mulch and 20 yards of horse manure, and 20 yards of compost. Now that this foundation has been laid they are now beginning the grow the first round of crops.

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