CIW and Growing Wellness

The goal of the Growing Wellness Program is to use horticulture to build community; interweaving recreational therapy and social collaboration to improve self efficacy for inmates of the California Institute for Women. This program will be implemented in the Institute’s Mental Health Unit and will be comprised of two different components, the Social Butterfly Garden and The Growing Wellness Farm.

Social Butterfly Garden

The Social Butterfly Garden will be a peaceful garden that encourages inmates to socialize with each other and interact with nature. It is a passive setting that can be used for educational programming on topics like drought tolerant horticulture, water conservation, wildlife conservation, and sustainable landscape management practices.


The Growing Wellness Farm


The farm will be an ongoing hands-on classroom that will allow inmates to interact with nature in a very active way. Traditional Farming presents a wide variety of practices and skills that are necessary to produce abundant healthy food year round. The design of this space is meant to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. While working on the farm participants will have opportunities to sit, relax, enjoy wild flowers, a diversity of insects, and to see the fruits of their labor.

Cultivate Together will offer weekly instruction and programming to make both of these components sustainable and replicable throughout the prison. This project is paramount to expressing the social, mental, physical, and nutritional benefits that come from farming and working with nature.

More information will be made available in late January.

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